If you have been following me either here for a while or on my old blog you would have seen a few hair changes during that time. I was mostly dark with some blond highlights and a short modern cut to start with. this got lighter and lighter as time went on.

very dark bob 

It went from this to this ….

similar cut but so very blonde 

Then it went ….

funky short cut and very red
Since this cut I had been very bad and had let it grow out I was keeping up the red but the cut went to hell in a hand basket. 
It had got to the point of a bob ( uneven ) and I had to bite the bullet and either go back to the funky short cut or embrace the length.
I chose the latter enter the new and if I do say so myself fabulous long locks.
Lots of extensions were added kept the red

I decided if I was going to stay long it was going to be really long. I headed to a fantastic local salon Your serenity  and had the wonderful Gina add a full head of extensions for me and re cut my fringe. 

I have some much hair it is super thick and I have a lot of it so Gina ended up putting another half head of extensions in through the front. And I couldn’t be happier. 
The back 

I want to give a big thank you to Gina and the team at Your Serenity not only for my new long locks but for taking such good care of me and washing and blow drying my hair each week while my arm is broken, I couldn’t do it with out you.

What do you all think??? what do is your favourite???