Today on the blog I compare two foundations. One is what is commonly referred to as a “drug store” product, readily available at most chemist/priceline stores for under $25.The other is a top of the line luxurious foundation available at a high-end counter in david jones for almost $100. A real spluge v;s steal foundation.

splurge v's steal foundation -

 I had read some reviews online stating that these two products although massive price points apart, perform so similarly that they could be referred to as “dupes”. Who dosn’t love a steal v’s a splurge at times.

 So I decided to try it for myself. I had wanted to try the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation for quite sometime, but I was reluctant to pay $98 for a foundation. On a whim one day in the city, I decided to treat myself.

 The l’oreal nude magique on the other hand, I found harder to purchase. I fear I have become a foundation snob. It has been years and years since I have worn a drug store foundation. But under the internets promise of high end results I bit the bullet.

Georgio Armani Luminous silk foundation dupe - madame rouge makeup -

At first glance the only major difference I could find was the texture of the foundations, the l’oreal one was quite a bit runnier than the Armani.

I have the shade 5 in the Armani one and 120 in the l’oreal.

 I have to say that the results are quite similar, I did find slightly more coverage with the Armani foundation, but this was achievable by building the coverage of the l’oreal.

Amarni luminous silk foundation dupe - madame rouge makeup -

armani – l’oreal

Verdict- If your budget allows, I say go for the Armani, there is something luxurious about using such an expensive foundation. But I also have to say the L’oreal is a great foundation and achieves an almost undetectable result.