OK so I have been in awe of the new trend and have been searching high and low for micro beads. I have had not luck anywhere locally, mostly I was met with a “mirco wha???” accompanied by an unattractive snarl from the craft store attendants. So I scrounged the beads and found some tiny glass beads to have a run with. Yes I know I could have ordered them online but i’m a I want it and I want it now kind of girl.

I painted my nails a nude colour first. I applied one coat of OPI’s Samoan sands and let it dry completely.

I let the first coast dry completely and then got a small bowl, and the container I had stored the beads in ready to go. 
One nail at a time i applied a second liberal coat of the polish, and instantly poured the beads directly onto the nail over the bowl to catch the spare beads.
Mill Hill Petite glass beads – OPI samoan sand

After the nail was covered I gently patted the beads to make sure they were all stuck I also had to flick a few off from around the cuticle area.
As soon as the first nail was finished I was tempted to remove it and give the whole “caviar Manicure ” thing the flick, It looked like crap to me but hubby and the kids loved it so I persevered.

I did the same steps with all ten nails, I was still really unhappy with them. Maybe it is my anal retentiveness and my need to have nice smooth nails, it may just have been that the beads are not as small as the micro beads and gave the manicure to much volume, I don’t know but I was not sold.

To add insult to injury Hubby and I were going out last night and i had to get him to help me get dressed, I know crazy right… The outfit I had picked out required fishnet tights and i couldn’t manage them with the beads.
It kept getting worse we went to a dear friends place for dinner and ribs were on the menu, so yummy but finger food was not a great combination with my nails either… I think I swallowed about 10 beads.

I will order some micro beads and give this another try but at the moment the Caviar Manicure is not for me what do you think of my attempt?? Is it something you would try??