After a recent visit to Pintrest, I left with some serious nail envy. It seemed every where I look there were beautiful colourful ombre nails.

I read a few blog post, watched a couple of youtube video’s, it didn’t look to hard. Surely I could do it…..

So armed with a variety of purple polishes and some sponge do hicky I picked up from ebay I got started.

I started as all the nail art folks suggested and painted my nails white. I used an OPI polish that came as part of a french polish kit. I then used two shades of purple polish one dark (a Nicole bu OPI) and one a light almost pastel purple (Australis peek-a-boo). polish

After the white base coat had dried I started the ombre process. I painted a stripe of the darkest purple on the base of the sponge, followed by the lighter purple and then at the top some of the white polish.


I then rolled the sponge like a stamp across the nail from side to side. I then applied more polish and repeated the process on each nail.


I wasn’t happy with the result it looked really messy, I think the sponge wasn’t dense enough so it gave not as nice a result.

One of the post I read suggested applying your top coat while the polish was still wet to help blend the ombre effect. I tried this on the left hand, but all this achieved was to drag the colour up the nail.

On one of the youtube video’s I had watched the chic suggested wetting the sponge first so it didn’t absorb to much of the polish, so I gave that a crack on the right hand. It did give a slightly better finish, but still not anything I was happy with.

I have some serious OCD so for me this process was a bit frustrating, I kept telling myself it would be fine when I finished and cleaned up all the edges. Even when I cleaned up all the edges, it still looked messy. I had polish all over the cuticles that wouldn’t budge.

The finished Ombre Nail

The finished Ombre Nail

So I call bullshit on my notion of this being an easy task, I really sucked at it. But that being said, I am not ready to give up on the technique. I think I will try using a latex makeup sponge, instead of these little sponge applicators. Hopefully practice makes perfect. Any hints on how to perfect this look. x D