There has been lots of these type of posts,” if there was a makeup apocalypse and you had to start your collection again what would you replace first”/ “if you could only own 15 makeup items what would they be”.

Fun right?

So lets pretend that all of my makeup has disappeared and I can only replace 15 items, what would be my most needed/wanted products.

must own makeup products

1- Moisturizer/Primer, I’m not sure if skin care is a different kettle of fish, but I’m assuming it is. So if I have a moisturizer I would purchase a primer at the moment I’m loving the Hourglass mineral veil primer.

2- Foundation, I couldn’t live with out a good foundation. My favourite is the Face Atelier ultra foundation.

3- Brow gel would be high on my list I love the MUFE aqua brow it is so easy to work with and water proof, that’s a big win in my book.

4- Eyeliner specifically a gel liner is essential for me, I use the Inglot get liner almost everyday.

5- Mascara is a must if I have foundation and some mascara on I feel ready to tackle the day ahead. My most used mascara at the moment is eye of horous.

6- Concealer plays a huge role in combating the major dark circles my eyes sport after more than a decade of broken sleep. I couldn’t get by with out the Eve Pearl salmon concealer.

7- Setting powder/powder foundation. To help set my concealer and matte down my t zone I sometimes use a loose powder at the moment I love the Models prefer mineral powder foundation.

8- Blush if I could only have one blush in my collection it would be Nars orgasm it is the perfect colour with a beautiful sheen.

9- Contour would have to be on the list my go to is Nars Laguna bronzer it is a great shade for most skin tones.

10- Highlighter would be next I love Mac strobe cream either on its own or mixed into my foundation

11- Highlighter again I also love Macs minieralized skin finish in soft and gentle it is such a beautiful product I couldn’t live without it.

12- Eye shadows, I would add the viseart sultry nudes pallet to my collection

13- Lipstick I wear our Madame rouge makeup comfort wear lipstick in Bella, it is soft and creamy to wear all day.

14- Pressed powder to keep in my handbag for touch ups while out and about. I love Macs studio fix powder.

15- A good brush set is essential I would purchase the zoeva rose gold brush set.

If you had to start a fresh what would be on your list? XD