We all struggle from time to time with the tell tale signs of lack of sleep, not feeling well or genetic dark under eye circles. As a mum i have had (still do) my fair share of these beautiful blue bags.

Its really tempting to pile on the concealer and solider on, but the results are never what we hope for. The trick to combating the blue/purple rings is to colour correct. The skin under the eyes is discoloured and you need to bring it back to match the rest of the skin. To colour correct we must use a colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel to neutralise the skin tone.

simple colour wheel

If you look opposite the blue on the wheel is orange. Using an peach to orange colour corrector depending on the level of blue will neutralise the skin under the eye. Using colour correction will save you having to pile on the concealer that causes caking and grey ashy tones under the eye. ( I have an asian client that i have to use a vibrant orange lipstick to correct under her eyes)

–  to stop a heavy application is to warm the product between your finger tips to warm it up before application. ( try rubbing your ring fingers together then using them to apply the concealer) 
– apply a brightening eye cream before applying your makeup.
– set concealer under eye with a small fluffy brush and translucent powder ( i use a mac 224) 
– less is more, layer correctors and concealers is much easier to add more if needed than it is to remove it.
 What do you use to hide the dark circles?