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A few weeks ago the first brisbane pro makeup and beauty show was held at the brisbane show grounds.  Can i just take a minute and stress how bloody exciting it is to have a makeup show in our sunny home state. We all love the excuse to travel to sydney for the weekend for IMATS ( if we can manage to not have a wedding booked) but to have the convenience and the cost effectiveness of no interstate travel was AWESOME.

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So with the extra spending money in my pocket i went with big plans. I wanted all the things, did i need all the things, probably not.

Like most artist’s saturday is a busy day in our industry so i didn’t get to the show until late saturday afternoon. I planned not to buy anything on the saturday, just have a good look around and make a game plan for sunday afternoon. That lasted about 5 minutes, all self control went right out the window. The first purchase i made was a final touch brow kit. You all know how obsessed with brows I am so i’m always keen to try brow products.




The kit contains a dual ended brush four shades of brow powder and a brow highlight. I also signed up to do some training with Final Touch to learn how to apply eyebrow extensions, yes thats right eyebrow extensions. I was so excited i knew this was going to be my new favourite service to offer my clients.



I also picked up a few Inglot shadows I had a few already, so I now have a Z pallet full and I love them, they are so pigmented and silky soft. If you are yet to try them i strongly suggest it. I will do a separate post just about the shadows so i wont list all the colours now but here is a pic of them all snug in the Z pallet.


I also Picked up the Inglot duraline to revive some of my older gel eyeliner. I also grabbed one of the inglot black gel liner. I have a few of them already and love the consistency and longevity of them.

The only other thing i picked up on the saturday was some crown brushes. I needed (wanted) some more for myself and had to get some for a friend to replace after an unfortunate cold sore incident ( not contracted from me I practice very strict brush and product hygiene)

I forgot to take a pic before i gave the brushes to their new owner but here is a photo of the ones i got for myself. I got a handful of crown brushes and some of the beautiful Ve Neill collection also from crown brushes.

I caught up with some of my fab makeup friends had a good look around and then called it a day.

I was helping out the fabulous team from makeup and glow from 8-12 on the sunday. It was soooo busy we were run off our feet it as fantastic to get to put so many faces to names and finally meet so many of the wonderful friend I have made online.

I was planing on shopping up a storm after i finished at the makeup and glow stand but to tell the truth I was a bit buggered and totally overwhelmed, The crowd was huge. The only thing I grabbed was the fantastic stillazi makeup case. I had been eyeing it off all day at the stand and knew I had to make one mine. I will do a full post on it in the next few days.

So I took my tired old ass back to my darling friend Mel’s for a very welcome cup of tea and a chat. I did have a huge case of shopper remorse when i got home, not regretting what I had purchased but wishing i had pushed on and got all things I had planned. So what else could I do but order it all online.  Thank goodness Makeup and glow stock everything else I needed and like always their customer service is second to none so i had all my goodies in just a couple of days.


over all the show was a massive hit the exhibitors and the demonstrations were incredible the attendance was great, so fingers crossed the even gathers more momentum and gives us an even better event next year.

I will leave you with a few photos i grabbed over the weekend if you would like me to do a post about any of the items I purchased or any further info please just let me know. xx D

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