If you suffer from rosacea or any form of facial redness. I am sure you have tried to figure out how to cover redness at some stage. I have quite sever rosacea from some medication and I also have a lot of broken capillaries on my cheeks from when I received radiation treatment. I have tried so many techniques to cover it, this is the best method I have found.

How to cover redness - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

I have been putting of any tutorials or post that would involve me having to put my face on the blog, because the medication that I mentioned that causes the rosacea also causes a lot of facial swelling commonly termed “moon face”. I hate the way it makes me look, but have decided to try and move past it and do what I love regardless.

Bare faced

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

So here it is my bare face with all the redness, it tends to effect my cheeks and chin mainly. But can at times cover most of my face. I find a multi prong attack works best.

After I have applied my skincare products I start with a primer specifically designed to combat redness. My favourite is the Dermalogica redness relief primer.

After applying primer

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

It is a fantastic primer i love the way my foundation applies after using it and it does a fantastic job of neutralising the redness. I sometimes just wear it without makeup.

how to cover redness - dermalogica redness releif primer - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

I then apply a green colour corrector to the red areas, I have been loving this NYX corrector paler lately. I use the green to correct redness, the peach colour to correct blue under eye bags and the beige to cover spots, and the dark brown to contour.

NYX colour corrector pallet - how to cover redness - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

You could either use your fingers to dab the corrector onto the red areas or a damp makeup sponge. I find as i have such large areas to correct a sponge works better for me.

Applying the green colour corrector

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup -www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

I then apply what ever foundation I want to wear. After a chat to the lovely Belinda at my local priceline discussing facial redness she suggested this Loreal nude magique CC cream. It is a colour correcting CC cream specifically aimed at combating redness. It actually come out of the tube green and when rubbed between your fingers changes colour.

How to cover redness - madame rouge makeup - www/madamerougemakeup.com.au

So I applied the CC cream with my fingers and hands patting and pressing the product onto my skin. I think the end colour is slightly to dark for me but not overly so, apparently they have changed the formula the end colour used to be much darker.

The final product

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

The coverage is light to medium but does a great job at covering any left over redness and makes the skin even. So this is the finished product before I applied my other makeup. What do you think? Do you suffer from redness? If you give this method a try let me know how you go. xD