My current skincare routine

If you have been a long term reader of my blog you may remember, a few years ago a had a lot of trouble with my skin. Major hormonal issues I was having were playing havoc. My once low maintenance clear skin became a nightmare. I was covered in painful, unsightly cystic acne. So I was fearful about changing to my current skincare routine.

You can read all about that here. Once I found something that worked for my skin I was afraid to change my routine.

I one by one swapped out the products I had been using for my current routine and my skin couldn’t be happier. I have found that doing less and using gentler products on my skin has made such a difference.

My current skincare routine - madame rouge makeup -

from left to right- Clarasonic mia, Mario Badescu enzyme cleansing gel, Mario Badescu facial spray, Mario Bedescu honey moisturiser, este lauder advanced night repair and chanel le lift eye cream.

I absolutely love my clarasonic mia, no matter how much makeup or grim my face takes on the clarasonic gets in deep and makes my skin so clean without aggravating my skin.

The enzyme cleansing gel is beautiful, it smells amazing and dose a fantastic job removing all traces of the day, But don’t get it in your eyes that shit stings.

The facial spray is sunning, I spray my face after my shower before I apply the honey moisturiser and it really helps it melt into my skin.

At night after I have cleansed with the clarasonic and the enzyme cleanser I apply the este lauder advanced night repair and the le lift eye cream.

This is the daily routine I have at the moment, It does not include the extra treatments I do such as masks and peels.

Do you have a strict skincare routine? xD