When Michelle from skin type  first contacted me asking if I would be interested in trying some of the rodan + fields skincare products for review purposes. I had heard of the brand but didn’t really know much about it.

Michelle was really informative and super passionate about the product ranges.  She sent me a questionaire that thoroughly evaluated my skin and the issues I was most concerned about. Michelle then suggested the Reverse range of products to help combat my dull,discoloured and pigmented skin.

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For the most accurate results I used the four step reverse regime products* exclusively for 60 days to be able to give a thorough review of the Rodan + Fields skincare products. The company believes so strongly in their products that they offer a full refund on products within the 60 days if you are not happy.

One of the first things I fell in love with was the sleek easy to read packaging the products came in. The products required for each step of the regime are clearly market making them so easy to use and follow. I don’t know about you but I tend to find new skincare regimes overwhelming and confusing at first. Rodan + Fields have really taken all that confusion away.

The first step is the deep exfoliating wash I really enjoyed using a physical exfoliant again. It left my skin feeling lovely and fresh without that harsh stripped feeling some exfoliate cleansers can give you.

The second step is the Intensive brightening toner. I hadn’t used a toner in years so I was really interested in seeing what it added to the routine. I was really surprised at how nice my skin felt after using it,and how much easier the next step then applied.

The third step is a two part products and my favourite of all the products. The vitamin c and retinol products come in separate tubes to ensure maximum efficacy. I loved applying a peas size amount of each tube onto my fingers and mixing. My skin absolutely loved this step, my skin felt incredible and was glowing.

The fourth and final step in the regime was the Shield brightening lotion. My skin is really dehydrated and i was worried that the amount of the is product wounding be enough to last the 60 days on my sad old skin. Alas after the other incredible steps in the regime I needed a very sparing amount of the product.

I had taken some before pictures to document the progress but alas sharing a computer with teenagers things can sometimes go awry, and they are no where to be found. I did have some photos I took not long ago when I had my brows tattooed so I will add them now to give you an indication of what my skin was like prior to starting the Rodan + Fields products.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

As you can see my skin was very dull and had a lot of redness and discolouration. My major issue with my skin was the texture. It was dry and flaky and made applying my makeup difficult.

This was also the major improvement I found using the Reverse products my skin was far more hydrated and it appeared much finer and more even.

www.madamerougemakeup.com.au-rodan+fields skincare review

I have not edited this picture at all apart from cropping it. I think the results are pretty obvious, but the major improvement is to the texture of my skin. it feels so much smoother and my makeup is applying so much smoother. I couldn’t be happier.

I think during the winter months I may need to add another step as my skin is incredibly dry. I have been looking at the Active Hydration serum it sounds amazing, I will be asking Michelle’s advice shortly.

If you are looking to overhaul your skincare products or have a particular skin concern I can’t recommend Michelle from http://www.skintype.com.au enough. She is not only super passionate about the products she is a  fountain of knowledge.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received samples for review purposes. The opinions are my own based on my experiences.