So Im not keen, at all of getting old.  Well not really the getting older bit, but more the looking it. I take really good care of my skin, I use sunscreen every day so some botox and dermal filler were the next step for me. Im not to lined as yet so this was partly preventative. I tend to really squint and furrow my brow when I’m working, so i wanted to get onto it before I was left with some serious wrinkles.

botox and dermal filler experience - madame rouge makeup-

As for the dermal fillers, I have always wanted more volume in my lips and to try and give them more symmetry.  I totally forgot to take some before photos so I grabbed a couple of super unflattering ones in the car before I headed in.


before botox and dermal fillers - madame rouge makeup -

Before dermal fillers - close up of lips - madame rouge makeup -

Really wished I had waxed my brows..  I didn’t get a before pic of me furrowing my brow, but I did get a picture the day after. It takes up to a week for the full effects of the botox to be apparent. So this next picture the botox had started to work, so I could still make the furrow, but no where near as much as normal.

Day after botox approximately 50% reduction

The day after botox - madame rouge makeup -

As I said earlier I am not heavily lined, but I wanted to prevent lines from forming. There is no real noticeable difference to my face if I’m still, but I can’t furrow my brows at all now, post botox. Nor can I raise my brows very high, creating the horizontal lines across my forehead.

Day 3 trying to furrow my brow

day 3 post botox - madame rouge makeup -

The botox was really easy, I hardly felt it at all. One or two of the injections I felt a slight sting, but nothing to write home about. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it. Im really happy with the results. Anything that stops me from having a forehead that resembles corrugated iron is a win.

The dermal filler was the one I was most concerned about. I was really worried it would hurt a lot and I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I had a topical numbing cream applied all over the lips while the doctor discussed all the procedures with me. She then removed the cream and gave me an ice pack to apply to my lips.

I have to admit at this stage I was shitting myself. I had visions of asking her to stop and walking out with only one side of a lip done. I am happy to report it was no where near as bad as I imagined. It did sting a bit as the needle was inserted, and I could feel the product filling the lip. But it wasn’t unbearable at all.

After the top lip was done, I applied the ice pack again for a few minutes and then the doctor did the bottom lip.  The lips looked instantly fuller, but you could see the puncture marks and they were quite red. My first though was “what the hell have I done ” but I was assured that once the swelling and redness dissipated it would look fantastic.

immediately after dermal filler

immediately after dermal filler treatment - madame rouge makeup -

I kept the ice pack with me for the drive home and kept icing them on and off for the drive home ( about 45 mins ). The were a bit tender and slightly numb, similar to when you have had dental work done and the anaesthetic is wearing off.

I have quite fair skin so the redness was quite sever at the injection sites and around the lip line. I put some more ice on the lips just before bed. The most uncomfortable thing for me was sleeping that night, I was told I couldn’t lay down for 4 hours after the botox, and then to sleep on my back the first night. So I propped myself up on some pillows and attempted to sleep on my back. I think I was really worried about rolling over onto my face, so I didn’t sleep well at all. But I wasn’t in any pain.

The second day I had started to have some bruising on the lips and on one of the botox sites on my forehead. My lips were very swollen,  they were a little bit uncomfortable but not painful.

By day three I was really starting to question if I had done the right thing. My lips were really swollen and red and the bruising was pretty bad. I was worried they would stay this swollen and red around the edges.

Day 3 post treatment

day 3 after botox and dermal filler treatment - madame rouge makeup -

Not only were my lips swollen, they are also quite firm to touch. Day three was not great, I was uncomfortable and worried that the way my lips were looking was the final look I was going to be left with.  But after a chat with the doctor, I was reminded I was only a couple of days after some pretty traumatic treatment and my lips needed time to heal and settle.

By the 5th day I was much happier the swelling was subsiding as was the redness around the edge of my lips. I applied makeup for the first time and was so happy that the bruising was hardly noticeable and my lips looked pretty good.

Day 5 post dermal filler and botox

Day 5 post dermal fillers no makeup - madame rouge makeup -

So I am ten days out from my first dermal filler and botox procedure and I am really happy with the results. The botox is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone considering it. As for the dermal fillers I am still on the fence about it, I love the look of my lips with makeup on. But they are still slightly numb/tingly when touched.  I am having a review appointment at the end of the week so I will let you know how I go.

Lips with lipstick 5 days after treatment

Lips with makeup day 5 after dermal fillers - madame rouge makeup -

Full face of makeup day 5 after treatment

Full face with makeup 5 days post botox and dermal fillers - madame rouge makeup -

Have you had or are you considering some dermal fillers or botox?

            I would love to here all about it x D