If like me you had heard of lipSense before, knew it was a long lasting lipstick but not much else this post will tell you all you need to know about LipSense liquid lipstick.

When the lovely Nicole from Pucker up with Nicole asked if I would like to try the LIpSence products I was intrigued. I had heard of them, I knew they were a long wear lip product but not much more.

LipSense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

LipSense liquid lipstick is a two part application, the colour and then a gloss over the top to seal and moisturise.

Nicole provided me with really clear and quite precise directions for getting the best result from the product.

Step 1

Clean and dry your lips, paying special attention to the water line of the lips. Nicole said she found wiping her lips with a dry towel worked well.

Step 2

Shake shake shake your lipSense for best results shake for aprox 20 seconds.

Step 3

Apply three thin layers of colour allowing each layer to dry in-between. Making sure to apply colour in one direction swiping back and forth works similarly to a whiteboard marker and will remove the previous colour. You will feel a tingle when applying the colour due to the alcohol in the product to kill of any germs that may get introduced into the tube (more on this later) Avoid touching your lips together until you have applied the gloss.

Step 4

Apply a nice layer of the moisturising gloss all over the lips, this will stop the tingle and add lots of nourishment to the lips. Reapplying the gloss a few times during the day will help the longevity of the product.

Just after application (8am)

LipSense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

Nicole said that I could expect between 4 to 18 hours wear out of the LipSense liquid lipstick, more wear with more continual use.

The pack also came with a ooops remover for little mistakes while applying the colour, you can also use this to remove the product at the end of the day but, I was advised that a wet face washer used in a circular motion either in the shower or at the sink will do a great job of removing the colour.

Left – 8am Right 9pm

lipsense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

lipsense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au







My verdict

There is certainly a real method and ritual to applying the LipSense liquid lipstick I did find it a bit tedious and had to really focus on getting all the steps right, but I’m sure with regular use this would become lie riding a bike. The “tingle” I was told about I found to be a major understatement. I found it stung my lips, it was uncomfortable but not unbearable. It did stop as soon as I applied the gloss though.

The first time I wore it I found i had worn of the colour in the centre of both lips after about 4 hours and dinner at such train. The second time I wore it it lasted far longer, I applied it at 8am and it was still almost perfect when i was getting ready for bed. So I can’t argue with the staying power at all. From the start I wasn’t sure I would like ow shiny the finished look is. Im not sure if that is just because I am so used to matte long wear lip products or just personal preference, but I’m still not a huge fan of the high gloss look.

Nicole is super helpful and if you would like any further information or to buy any of the products,she has an incredible array of colours to choose from. Make sure you had over to her Facebook page here and she would be happy to help you. She has also offered a free gift with purchase to me readers during april using the codeword – Madame Rouge

Have you used LIpSense before? Do you have a favourite colour? XD