Hi fabulous people, This weekend the biggest makeup trade show in the country was held in sydney. IMATS – international makeup trade show is an annual event held all over the world. It is a two day event jam packed full of all things makeup. Including suppliers from all over the world and some of the most entertaining and informative seminars and demonstrations  you could ever imagine.

This weekend in september is one of the only weekends I don’t taking bookings for the year. I try and plan around work and family commitments so I can attend each year. As a working mum time away to do totally my own thing is as rare as hens teeth so I revel in some “me” time.

I jumped ( well dragged my sleep deprived self ) onto the red eye saturday morning to sydney, checked into the hotel and headed over to the hall of industries at moore park, a new location for the show that has previously been held at the exhibition centre at darling harbour.

Not only is it a fantastic shopping and learning experience it is also a great opportunity to catch up with other makeup artist and beauty enthusiasts. So it wasn’t long before I started to bump into some familiar faces. I want to say a huge thank you to those of you, my loyal readers that came and introduced yourselves. It was so humbling to hear how much you enjoy my ramblings. Some of you even wanted pictures with me….. crazy I know, but oh so very sweet.

I left home with a list and strong resolve that I was going to stick to it, and not get distracted by all the shiny, pretty things. As I’m sure you can imaging things didn’t really go to plan.

list, what list somehow i managed to not look at it once whoops…

My IMATS haul

So onto what I know you are all waiting for, what did I buy.

My first stop was at lime crime, I needed to replace two of my all time favourite’s red and pink velvet, velvetine. I also grabbed one of their lipsticks in D’lilac.

Lime Crime

My next stop was at the RCMA stand. I have had the RCMA foundations in my kit for years, but seldom use them as they are so thick and pigmented, I have found them hard to work with.  I have heard some fantastic things about their thinning liquid so fingers crossed it does the trick. I also purchased some of the pre foundation lotion on a whim.


I found my way over to the Bdellium brush stand. I had heard some fantastic feedback on these babies so I was keen to have a play. I decided on the mineral 10 piece brush set.  I was really impressed with the brush quality and the prices were really affordable. I don’t think these beauties will make it into my kit, I think I will keep them for myself.

Photo via bdellium's website

Photo via bdellium’s website

I found the Embryolisse stand and stocked up on some of my kit staples, the Lait-creme concerntre and some hydra-mat emulsion. I couldn’t function with out this stuff it really is liquid gold. I use both in my kit and the lair creme is my all time favourite moisturiser.

Embryolisse lait creme and hydra mat

Embryolisse lait creme and hydra mat

I then braved the huge crowds at the Inglot stand. I managed to find one of the beautiful staff from my local Inglot store on the stand and chatted as I filled out my order form. I wanted to replenish some items from my kit such as the black gel liner (which is to die for), as well as add some new things. I ended up getting 10 eye shadows, 4 gel liners, a contour and highlight powders in a pallet, a foundation and a primer.

Inglot eye shadows

   Inglot eye shadows

Inglot highlighter and contour powders

Inglot highlighter and contour powders










Inglot gel liners

Inglot AMC cream foundation

Inglot AMC cream foundation

I had walked passed the crown brush stand numerous times, eyeing off the artisan brush set. I had checked the set out online and was in two minds about purchasing it. I was either going to get some more Rae Morris brushes, some Hakuhodo or the crown set.  I ended up going with the crown artisan set purely due to price.

Artisan brush set I have wanted to get my hands on some of the Eve Pearl salmon concealer for years, but its hard to get hold of in Australia, so IMATS was the perfect opportunity to have a look at them and see if they were worth all the fuss. I have to say I was impressed, so I purchased two. One in fair/light and another in light/medium.  I have used them on myself and on a client and I am in love.

eve pearl salmon concealer

My last stop was at Modelrock lashes. I am a huge fan of their lashes so I took advantage of the fantastic show specials they were offering. I got a bulk pack of the 236 lashes. I also picked up a huge bottle of Bioderma Ceraline H2O another must have for my kit.

Modelrock lashes

Modelrock lashes

All in all it was a great day, I managed to get most of the things I wanted and some I didn’t even know I needed. I don’t know if I loved the new venue, that may be only due to familiarity. I, as with most MUA’s would love a trade only day. It is super frustrating to have to line up for hours behind hundreds of the general public who all want the poor staff to colour match their foundations etc, when all we need is someone to grab the products we need, or to get some info about new products.

I will be reviewing these products over the next few weeks, please let me know which you would like me to start with.

stay beautiful x D