How to care for hair extensions

How to care for hair extensions can be both exciting and daunting. The idea of long flowing locks with out having to painstakingly grow your own hair is very enticing, but they don’t come without some responsibilities.

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The only real struggle I find is having to blow dry and straighten my hair each time I wash it. When you have hair extensions you can’t just let your hair air dry you have to properly blow dry it each wash.

This probably isn’t such a big job for someone with very thin hair naturally, but I have incredibly thick hair, so with the added volume of the extensions it’s a shit load of hair to dry.

Washing your hair extensions

Washing your hair with tape extensions can be a bit difficult I find it the oat difficult part of caring for hair extensions. It took me a few washes to figure out the best method for me. I find gently rubbing the shampoo around the edges of my hair and rinsing, then on the second shampoo placing smaller amounts of shampoo on my fingers and reaching in and around the tapes on my scalp.

I then rinse it all well and add either a treatment or conditioner (I usually alternate each time) to my hair from below my ears to the ends, I leave this on while finishing the rest of my shower.

Once out and towel dried (be very gently, do not matt the hair) apply a leave in treatment to the mid lengths and ends of the hair.

Drying your hair extensions

Sectioning the hair into small section and blow drying using a large round brush works the best for me. My natural hair is very thick and has a curl so this method helps smooth both the extensions and my hair together. Making sure that the area under each tape is completely dry.

Once all the hair is totally dry I apply a heat protectant and brush through, sectioning it off again I then straighten the hair using the evy iq 1.5 inch straightener. I also use a hair oil to help keep the extensions nice and hydrated.

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The only other changes I make while having the extensions is the type of hair brush I use, I love the tangle teaser brushes, I am currently using the lady Jayne brush and I love it.

Hair extension maintanance

Approximately every 6 weeks(depending on how fast your hair grows) you will need to go back to the salon and have your extensions moved back to the scalp. The first time I had extensions I struggled with the new way I had to wash and brush my hair. I was super keen to get to this appointment as I assumed they would take the extensions out wash my hair then re-apply them. This is not the case at all, so don’t do what I did and go with dirty hair.

how to care for hair extensions - madame rouge makeup -

The hairdresser removed each section of tape extension removes the old tape and re-tapes them before placing them back in the same place. You can’t wash your hair for 3 days after the new tape has been applied to help it bond. (another great reason to wash your hair just before your appointment)

I love having the extra length the extensions give me, they make me feel glamorous and polished. If you have been considering getting hair extensions I hope this has been helpful. If you have any further questions please let me know. xD