If you have read my blog for a while you will know I have had cosmetic tattooed brows previously ( you can read all about that here ). While I was happy with the initial results I achieved the first time, as soon as they heeled, the results were not as bold or the shape that I would have liked. They also didn’t last very long, I found that by the 6 month mark I had no visible traces of the tattoo left, so it was back the the old sperm brows for me.

cosmetic tattooed brows - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

My brows prior to new tattoo excuse the stupid face, with numbing cream

I was a bit disheartened to get them redone as it is quite expensive and the results for me were so temporary. (it worked out to be $100 per month of brows)

I had been following a few cosmetic tattoo artists since then and I had found a lady who’s work I really liked. I was still quite apprehensive as it was such a big outlay for only a short result, but I hate having to draw my brows on every day. Cosmetic tattooed brows seemed like my only option.

Then something awesome happened one of the artist I had been following shared something on her instagram that made me very excited. Sam from Pure envi cosmetic tattoo shared this picture comparing the difference between hair stroke (the style I had done previously) and Ombre powder style tattooed brows. The biggest difference was the length of time the results would last.

Hairstrroke or feather touch tattooing done with a small hand held micro blade last approximately 2 years with colour refreshes roughly every 12 months. Where as Ombre style done with a machine can last anywhere between 2-5 years.

This was music to my ears, I was so happy to have found an alternative that sounded like it would work for me. My bestie Melissa from Sugercoatit had wanted to have her brows tattooed as well for quit some time, so when Pure Envi advertised there new method and that they were holding a special we were both super keen.

Pure Envi cosmetic tattoo is located on the sunshine coast, but come to Gympie once a month. So Melissa and I made an appointment.

The first time I had my bows tattooed I was instructed to apply a numbing cream an hour before my appointment, but even with the numbing I found the procedure very uncomfortable. This time Sam told us we didn’t need to do anything prio to our appointment and that she would apply a numbing cream just prior and during our appointments. I was worried, I figured that without the prior numbing like I had the first time it was going to be really painful. I really had no ned for the worry Sam applied a small amount of numbing with we completed the paper work and then got started. I experience absolutely no pain at all. It was actually quite relaxing. A different numbing cream was applied sporadically during the procedure.

If the only thing stopping you from having this done is the pain, I strongly suggest you make an appointment with Sam. Not only was it totally pain free I couldn’t be happier with the results.

brow tattoo queensland - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

Sam took her time and carefully drew on the shape of my new brows. After we both agreed on the shape and colour of them she got started on my new cosmetic tattooed brows.

The actual Tattooing didn’t take very long, I’m not sure exactly how long it was i think about 20 mins. The girls from Pure Envi were so lovely we were all having a good chat a and laugh  so the time went really quickly.  I have uploaded a couple of videos to youtube you can see them here  and here.

I was told that during the healing process the tattoos would loose between 30-50% of the colour. Even though I have had them done previously and I had ben told this, I was still quite concerned when I got home after having them done. They looked super dark and very heavy, but I loved the shape.

my cosmetic tattooed brows - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

Immediately after the procedure

I was told that they would darken during the next 24 hour and look really dark the next day and they were not wrong lol they did look really dark. At this stage I was really starting to question If I had done the right thing, I felt like I had told her to make them to dark and too full.

Day two looking super dark and harsh

At this stage I went back and read my old post from my pervious tattoo and I remembered how much I loved them immediately after wards but once they had healed I wished they were darker and fuller. This gave me much more hope that my new darker bolder brows would be perfect once they healed.

I had to apply a small amount of antiseptic cream a few times a day during the healing process and keep the dry and free of any makeup etc. At about week mark they started to peel slightly, it wasn’t noticeable, mainly when i was applying the cream small pieces would come off.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

One week after procedure as you can see slightly patchy

Over the course of the two weeks following the procedure the brows slowly peeled and settled. I was left with an amazing shape and colour that I am super Happy with. I have an appointment for a touch up to fill in any gaps and darken the colour if i wish too in a few weeks.

my new tattooed brows - madame rouge makeup - www.madamerougemakeup.com.au

The final cosmetic tattooed brows two weeks after the procedure

I can’t thank Sam and the team at Pure Envi Cosmetic Tattoo enough. I love my new brows so much. xx D