Curvy Couture Roadshow – The Runway – part 1

Curvy Couture Roadshow – The Runway – part 1

Curvy Couture Roadshow – The Runway – part 1

Getting ready for the Curvy couture roadshow on saturday evening, can only be describes as a mad scramble. Five women two bathrooms, and airbrush a GHD and some eyelash glue, and ladies running around in their knickers, the rest is a blur.

Curvy couture roadshow - madame rouge makeup -

When we arrived at the ACMI , had a few pics taken on the red carpet, then found our seats (after finding the bar) .

Curvy couture roadshow - madame rouge makeup -

                                                 Image by Mali Monahan photography

Curvy couture roadshow - madame rouge makeup -

                                                 Image by Mali Monahan photography

The night started with beautiful lingerie from Miss Scarlett did it, and what a way to start I fell in love with so many of the pieces.  My favourite was the black spotted corset.

Miss scarlett did - curvy couture roadshow - madame rouge makeup -

Followed by this beautiful beige and red set, I would wear this set a lot. So pretty yet practical.

miss scarlett did it - curvy couture roadshow - madame rouge makeup -

Sonsee women killed it with some of their classic tights and some shiny new additions. After hearing some glowing reviews I picked up quite a few pairs of tights.  How hot do the models look rocking the uber comfy tights.

sonsee women - curvy couture roadshow - madame rouge makeup-

Hope & Harvest, one of my favourite brands hit it out of the park again, I can see so many of the new range working their way into my wardrobe.

I fell in love with this beautiful green dress worn by Kat, as soon as this is available it will be mine, I can see it featuring heavily through out autumn and winter.

 Hope & harvest curvy couture roadshow - madame rouge makeup -

This beautiful black dress and leopard print top was another favourite of the night for me.

Hope & harvest curvy couture roadshow - madame rouge makeup -

If you are after a new swimsuit look no further than Beyond the sea swimwear I don’t know what I loved more how super cute the swimsuits were or how confident and hot the models wearing them looked.

If I have to pick a favourite of their range this black and white with a hint of red suit would be mine.

beyond the sea  swimsuits curvy couture roadshow - madame rouge makeup -

Harlow showed us some incredible pieces the stand out for me was this devine black Heartbreaker dress, I mean come on how could you not love something this classic and sexy.

Harlow - curvy couture roadshow - madame rouge makeup -

This post is getting a bit out of control, so I think I will break it into two. Stay tuned for more curvy Australian goodness.

All Images except other wise credited taken by Damien Bredberg Stills + Motion

My first attempt at an ombre nail

My first attempt at an ombre nail

After a recent visit to Pintrest, I left with some serious nail envy. It seemed every where I look there were beautiful colourful ombre nails.

I read a few blog post, watched a couple of youtube video’s, it didn’t look to hard. Surely I could do it…..

So armed with a variety of purple polishes and some sponge do hicky I picked up from ebay I got started.

I started as all the nail art folks suggested and painted my nails white. I used an OPI polish that came as part of a french polish kit. I then used two shades of purple polish one dark (a Nicole bu OPI) and one a light almost pastel purple (Australis peek-a-boo). polish

After the white base coat had dried I started the ombre process. I painted a stripe of the darkest purple on the base of the sponge, followed by the lighter purple and then at the top some of the white polish.


I then rolled the sponge like a stamp across the nail from side to side. I then applied more polish and repeated the process on each nail.


I wasn’t happy with the result it looked really messy, I think the sponge wasn’t dense enough so it gave not as nice a result.

One of the post I read suggested applying your top coat while the polish was still wet to help blend the ombre effect. I tried this on the left hand, but all this achieved was to drag the colour up the nail.

On one of the youtube video’s I had watched the chic suggested wetting the sponge first so it didn’t absorb to much of the polish, so I gave that a crack on the right hand. It did give a slightly better finish, but still not anything I was happy with.

I have some serious OCD so for me this process was a bit frustrating, I kept telling myself it would be fine when I finished and cleaned up all the edges. Even when I cleaned up all the edges, it still looked messy. I had polish all over the cuticles that wouldn’t budge.

The finished Ombre Nail

The finished Ombre Nail

So I call bullshit on my notion of this being an easy task, I really sucked at it. But that being said, I am not ready to give up on the technique. I think I will try using a latex makeup sponge, instead of these little sponge applicators. Hopefully practice makes perfect. Any hints on how to perfect this look. x D

stuff I’m loving at the moment

stuff I’m loving at the moment

Hi beautiful people. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some lovely items I picked up on a recent trip into the city. Retail therapy is my favourite kind. I grabbed some bath goodies from lush along with replacing some of my Benefit essentials. I also took advantage of the back to mac program and picked up a new lippy, while there the Kelly Osborne collection caught my eye so I grabbed the mineralised skinfinish. Next was Mecca Cosmetica where I picked up some two-faced goodies.

I won’t go into details of all the shiny things I purchased but here is a couple of my favourite.

MAC Kelly Osbourne Mineralize Skinfinish  in Jolly Good



We all know Im a sucker for pretty packaging so its its no shock that this baby came home with me. I love the MAC skin finishes and this is no exception. Its too dark for my pale complexion to wear all over, but is perfect for a bit of bronzed glow. Im sure I will get lots of wear out of this little gem over summer when I have tan on.

MAC Mineralize skinfinish in Jolly Good

MAC Mineralize skinfinish in Jolly Good

Too Faced Sweetheart blush in Something about Berry

I grabbed this blush purely for its uber cute and chintzy packaging. I mean how cute is it?? So, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I love the Too Faced sweethearts blush in something about berry.

Too Faced sweetheart blush in Something about berry

Too Faced sweetheart blush in Something about berry


Not only is the packaging super beautiful, so is the product. I have worn this shimmery multi coloured blush everyday since it became mine.

If you used a small brush you could use each of the three colours individually but I love just swirling them all together.

Too Faced Something about very blush

Too Faced Something about very blush

Have you indulged in any retail therapy lately? I am always happy to here about new pretties I need in my life.

One more photo just because its so bloody cute

Something about berry blush

Something about berry blush

Brisbane pro makeup and beauty show

Brisbane pro makeup and beauty show

Hi Lovlies, thanks for visiting the new blog.

A few weeks ago the first brisbane pro makeup and beauty show was held at the brisbane show grounds.  Can i just take a minute and stress how bloody exciting it is to have a makeup show in our sunny home state. We all love the excuse to travel to sydney for the weekend for IMATS ( if we can manage to not have a wedding booked) but to have the convenience and the cost effectiveness of no interstate travel was AWESOME.

photo 2-1

So with the extra spending money in my pocket i went with big plans. I wanted all the things, did i need all the things, probably not.

Like most artist’s saturday is a busy day in our industry so i didn’t get to the show until late saturday afternoon. I planned not to buy anything on the saturday, just have a good look around and make a game plan for sunday afternoon. That lasted about 5 minutes, all self control went right out the window. The first purchase i made was a final touch brow kit. You all know how obsessed with brows I am so i’m always keen to try brow products.




The kit contains a dual ended brush four shades of brow powder and a brow highlight. I also signed up to do some training with Final Touch to learn how to apply eyebrow extensions, yes thats right eyebrow extensions. I was so excited i knew this was going to be my new favourite service to offer my clients.



I also picked up a few Inglot shadows I had a few already, so I now have a Z pallet full and I love them, they are so pigmented and silky soft. If you are yet to try them i strongly suggest it. I will do a separate post just about the shadows so i wont list all the colours now but here is a pic of them all snug in the Z pallet.


I also Picked up the Inglot duraline to revive some of my older gel eyeliner. I also grabbed one of the inglot black gel liner. I have a few of them already and love the consistency and longevity of them.

The only other thing i picked up on the saturday was some crown brushes. I needed (wanted) some more for myself and had to get some for a friend to replace after an unfortunate cold sore incident ( not contracted from me I practice very strict brush and product hygiene)

I forgot to take a pic before i gave the brushes to their new owner but here is a photo of the ones i got for myself. I got a handful of crown brushes and some of the beautiful Ve Neill collection also from crown brushes.

I caught up with some of my fab makeup friends had a good look around and then called it a day.

I was helping out the fabulous team from makeup and glow from 8-12 on the sunday. It was soooo busy we were run off our feet it as fantastic to get to put so many faces to names and finally meet so many of the wonderful friend I have made online.

I was planing on shopping up a storm after i finished at the makeup and glow stand but to tell the truth I was a bit buggered and totally overwhelmed, The crowd was huge. The only thing I grabbed was the fantastic stillazi makeup case. I had been eyeing it off all day at the stand and knew I had to make one mine. I will do a full post on it in the next few days.

So I took my tired old ass back to my darling friend Mel’s for a very welcome cup of tea and a chat. I did have a huge case of shopper remorse when i got home, not regretting what I had purchased but wishing i had pushed on and got all things I had planned. So what else could I do but order it all online.  Thank goodness Makeup and glow stock everything else I needed and like always their customer service is second to none so i had all my goodies in just a couple of days.


over all the show was a massive hit the exhibitors and the demonstrations were incredible the attendance was great, so fingers crossed the even gathers more momentum and gives us an even better event next year.

I will leave you with a few photos i grabbed over the weekend if you would like me to do a post about any of the items I purchased or any further info please just let me know. xx D

photo 1  photo 4 photo 3aphoto 5a


Must own brush guide – eye brushes

Must own brush guide – eye brushes

Hi Beauties following on from yesterdays face brush guide, here is my guide for the brushes you need to achieve most eye makeup looks.

MAC 224 – Sigma ss266 – SigmaE30 – Real Techniques base shadow brush – Sigma ss252

MAC 224 is a soft fluffy brush designed to blend colour through the crease of the eye, I love that the 224 is fluffy enough to really diffuse shadow and bend beautifully, but also not so large that it spreads the colour to far.

The Sigma ss266 is one of my most used brushes. I use it to fill in my brows either with a brow gel or powder. It is also fantastic for lining the eye either as one solid line or for a beautiful soft smokey line.

Sigmas E30 or pencil brush as they are commonly called is a must have for adding definition to an eye look, be it for adding depth of colour to the other corner of the eye or along the lash line. This brush can also be used to smudge eyeliner or shadow along the top or bottom lash line.

The Real Techniques base shadow brush is perfect for as its name suggests applying shadow to the mobile lid of the eye it is dense enough to give a good coverage of colour on the lid but also soft enough to turn on its side and use to blend shadow through the crease of the eye.

The sigma ss252 is similar to the Real Techniques as it is great for providing a full coverage of colour to the lid, it is denser and firmer than the real techniques brush and probably would not be a good choice for blending, but perfect for packing colour onto the lid.

As I said for the face brushes, you don’t have to own these specific brands or all the brushes, as some of them perform a duel purpose so have a read and find what will work for you.

If you would like any further knowledge or makeup brush advice please let me know xx

Real Techniques Brush Giveaway winner

Real Techniques Brush Giveaway winner

Thank you to all that entered my Brush Giveaway, I really appreciate it and wish you could all be winners, but alas I only have one set to give.

Drum roll please ……….

The winner is Angela congratulations please contact me with your postal address so I can send out your prize.
If you didn’t win this time keep your eyes peeled I have some more giveaways coming up in the near future.