Stop the water while using me skincare

Stop the water while using me skincare

When Stop the water while using me contacted me and shared the companies commitment to a holistic sustainability philosophy I was really interested in trying their all natural skincare products.

They very generously sent me quite a few of the products from their range. The Cucumber and lime liquid soap, orange and wild herbs shower gel, almond and fig body oil, wild mint toothpaste and tooth brush and moroccan mint lip balm.  All the products have the most beautiful fresh scents, I would be hard pressed to find a favourite. Stop the water while using me skincare - madame rouge makeup -

I have been loving the really fresh zingy scents of the soap and the shower gel. Its perfect for an invigorating shower to start the day.

My skin is always dry and in winter it really takes a battering. The almond and fig body oil has been a god sent. I have been applying it after the shower and during the day if my hands are getting dry . Its so great on the cuticles too.

stop the water while using me skincare review - madame rouge makeup -

I have never used a natural toothpaste before and was a little concerned that I wouldn’t like it. I was pleasantly surprised. Its beautiful and minty fresh with out being to sweet and harsh like some toothpastes can be. I prefer a medium bristle brush and this one is great, not to soft nor to hard.

The Moroccan mint lip balm has become a permanent fixture in my hand bag. I love the subtle hint of mint and it is beautifully hydrating.

All about the brand

You can watch this short video that explains the ethos of the brand here 

The main message is we stop wasting water and they stop artificial ingredients, colours and preservatives, Animal testing, all non-biodegratable elements and wasted energy during the production process.

Like most products you can’t use them without water. Stop the water while using me’s focus is on making you conscious of your attitude towards water. Its easy to stop the water while brushing your teeth, washing your hair and soaping up.

Not only did stop the water while using me send me some of their beautiful products, they also sent me this awesome travel set of products to give away to one of my lucky readers.

stop the water while using me - madame rouge makeup -

The pack contains a orange and wild herbs shower gel, lavender sandalwood regenerating shampoo, lavender and sandalwood regenerating conditioner, sesame sage body lotion and cucumber lime hand balm.

To enter the giveaway leave me a comment on the blog telling me a way you save water in your home. One entry per person, open world wide. Entries close next thursday the 10th of august at 5pm aest.. Winner will be drawn using a random generator and announced on my Instagram

Thank you to stop the water while using me for sending me these stunning products. xD

*products were provided in return for my honest review. All thoughts and and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

LipSense liquid lipstick review

LipSense liquid lipstick review

If like me you had heard of lipSense before, knew it was a long lasting lipstick but not much else this post will tell you all you need to know about LipSense liquid lipstick.

When the lovely Nicole from Pucker up with Nicole asked if I would like to try the LIpSence products I was intrigued. I had heard of them, I knew they were a long wear lip product but not much more.

LipSense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup -

LipSense liquid lipstick is a two part application, the colour and then a gloss over the top to seal and moisturise.

Nicole provided me with really clear and quite precise directions for getting the best result from the product.

Step 1

Clean and dry your lips, paying special attention to the water line of the lips. Nicole said she found wiping her lips with a dry towel worked well.

Step 2

Shake shake shake your lipSense for best results shake for aprox 20 seconds.

Step 3

Apply three thin layers of colour allowing each layer to dry in-between. Making sure to apply colour in one direction swiping back and forth works similarly to a whiteboard marker and will remove the previous colour. You will feel a tingle when applying the colour due to the alcohol in the product to kill of any germs that may get introduced into the tube (more on this later) Avoid touching your lips together until you have applied the gloss.

Step 4

Apply a nice layer of the moisturising gloss all over the lips, this will stop the tingle and add lots of nourishment to the lips. Reapplying the gloss a few times during the day will help the longevity of the product.

Just after application (8am)

LipSense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup -

Nicole said that I could expect between 4 to 18 hours wear out of the LipSense liquid lipstick, more wear with more continual use.

The pack also came with a ooops remover for little mistakes while applying the colour, you can also use this to remove the product at the end of the day but, I was advised that a wet face washer used in a circular motion either in the shower or at the sink will do a great job of removing the colour.

Left – 8am Right 9pm

lipsense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup -

lipsense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup -







My verdict

There is certainly a real method and ritual to applying the LipSense liquid lipstick I did find it a bit tedious and had to really focus on getting all the steps right, but I’m sure with regular use this would become lie riding a bike. The “tingle” I was told about I found to be a major understatement. I found it stung my lips, it was uncomfortable but not unbearable. It did stop as soon as I applied the gloss though.

The first time I wore it I found i had worn of the colour in the centre of both lips after about 4 hours and dinner at such train. The second time I wore it it lasted far longer, I applied it at 8am and it was still almost perfect when i was getting ready for bed. So I can’t argue with the staying power at all. From the start I wasn’t sure I would like ow shiny the finished look is. Im not sure if that is just because I am so used to matte long wear lip products or just personal preference, but I’m still not a huge fan of the high gloss look.

Nicole is super helpful and if you would like any further information or to buy any of the products,she has an incredible array of colours to choose from. Make sure you had over to her Facebook page here and she would be happy to help you. She has also offered a free gift with purchase to me readers during april using the codeword – Madame Rouge

Have you used LIpSense before? Do you have a favourite colour? XD



Platinum makeup brushes

Platinum makeup brushes

When I first set eyes on the Platinum makeup brushes I fell in love. I adored the metallic handles and the brush hairs looked so soft. I was lucky to be sent four of the makeup brushes and two makeup sponges.

platinum makeup brushes - madame rouge makeup -

I received a base blending brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush and contour eye brush along with a traditional egg shaped makeup sponge and a more unusual shaped makeup sponge. *

The brushes just feel really expensive and high quality, the handles are a sturdy metal along with metal ferrule and super soft bristles. Not what you may expect from an affordable makeup brush available at Woolworth’s.platinum makeup brushes - madame rouge makeup -

I was so impressed with the quality of the brushes that I went to my local woolies and purchased a set of face brushes. I know , I know I already own hundreds of brushes, but I also live with two teenage girls so more brushes in my personal collection never go a stray.

The set contained a buffing brush, contour brush and a small powder brush. With the addition of an angled liner brush for eyeliner and brows you wouldn’t need any others to complete your makeup arsenal.

platinum makeup brushes - madame rouge makeup -

Platinum brushes are available exclusively at Woolworhts supermarkets and range from $10 to $30.

* products were provided in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

How to cover redness – a step by step guide

How to cover redness – a step by step guide

If you suffer from rosacea or any form of facial redness. I am sure you have tried to figure out how to cover redness at some stage. I have quite sever rosacea from some medication and I also have a lot of broken capillaries on my cheeks from when I received radiation treatment. I have tried so many techniques to cover it, this is the best method I have found.

How to cover redness - madame rouge makeup -

I have been putting of any tutorials or post that would involve me having to put my face on the blog, because the medication that I mentioned that causes the rosacea also causes a lot of facial swelling commonly termed “moon face”. I hate the way it makes me look, but have decided to try and move past it and do what I love regardless.

Bare faced

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup -

So here it is my bare face with all the redness, it tends to effect my cheeks and chin mainly. But can at times cover most of my face. I find a multi prong attack works best.

After I have applied my skincare products I start with a primer specifically designed to combat redness. My favourite is the Dermalogica redness relief primer.

After applying primer

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup -

It is a fantastic primer i love the way my foundation applies after using it and it does a fantastic job of neutralising the redness. I sometimes just wear it without makeup.

how to cover redness - dermalogica redness releif primer -

I then apply a green colour corrector to the red areas, I have been loving this NYX corrector paler lately. I use the green to correct redness, the peach colour to correct blue under eye bags and the beige to cover spots, and the dark brown to contour.

NYX colour corrector pallet - how to cover redness -

You could either use your fingers to dab the corrector onto the red areas or a damp makeup sponge. I find as i have such large areas to correct a sponge works better for me.

Applying the green colour corrector

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup

I then apply what ever foundation I want to wear. After a chat to the lovely Belinda at my local priceline discussing facial redness she suggested this Loreal nude magique CC cream. It is a colour correcting CC cream specifically aimed at combating redness. It actually come out of the tube green and when rubbed between your fingers changes colour.

How to cover redness - madame rouge makeup - www/

So I applied the CC cream with my fingers and hands patting and pressing the product onto my skin. I think the end colour is slightly to dark for me but not overly so, apparently they have changed the formula the end colour used to be much darker.

The final product

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup -

The coverage is light to medium but does a great job at covering any left over redness and makes the skin even. So this is the finished product before I applied my other makeup. What do you think? Do you suffer from redness? If you give this method a try let me know how you go. xD

The Doll connection Brisbane event

The Doll connection Brisbane event

The Doll Connection event

the doll connection - brisbane beauty blogger  -

I had heard of The Doll Connection and the events they hold and thought maybe an event like this would be just what I needed to get my mojo back.

Mid last year I got into a bit of a blog/content rut and was really struggling to create great photos and content for my blog and instagram.

So when they announced the next event I was quick to jump in.

The Panel discussion

The event was held at the Brunswick hotel in new farm. The event was a mix of meeting some new fabulous people and discovering new brands and products, to panel discussions that were funny and also informative.

Stunning garnish with 24k chocolates

Stunning garnish with 24k chocolates

Guest speakers

Apart from the guest speakers (Amber Lowther,Kodi Brown,Tho Gardner) I also met some incredible bloggers and had lots of fun chatting and comparing notes.


I was lucky enough to get my nails bedazzled by the team from Mermaid Julisa who were sharing there stunning polishes with us.

Mermaid Julisa Polishes

I also really enjoyed playing with the Racinne skincare products, and was lucky enough to come home with some to trial along with lots of other goodies.

Racinne skincare

My other firm favourite products from the event were the Teza drink iced tea. We all received on at the event and I was lucky enough to win a prize pack to take home, the only problem was keeping the kids hands of them.

Teza drink iced tea

The event was lots of fun and really informative. I look forward to sharing all the new products I received with you so keep an eye open on the blog. Have you attended a blog event like this one before? xD


My eyebrow tattooing experience

My eyebrow tattooing experience

my brow tattoo experience - madame rouge makeup -

If you like me, would love to go back to the 90’s and shake the hell out of your younger self and permanently remove tweezers from your hands, this post about my eyebrow tattooing experience will be a god sent.

I have been trying ( and failing ) to out grow my brows for years. The only hair that tends to grow is in the areas i don’t want or need it.

my sad brows

                                                                        My sad brows

 I had been contemplating tattooing my brows for a couple of years and had been stalking a couple of artists to make sure I loved all the work they did.

I found Cosmetic Tattooing b Jessika on Facebook. Her work was amazing so I made and appointment. Unlike other artists of a similar standard Jessika didn’t have a huge wait list so I didn’t have to long to wait.

On the day of my initial appointment I, as instructed applied a numbing cream approximately one and a half hours before my appointment. As I live almost 2 hours north of the clinic I applied the cream when i stopped for coffee and drove to the appointment. I wouldn’t recommend this at all. I had glad wrap covering the cream but it still melted and kept running into my eyes.

Once at the clinic Jessika and I discussed the shape and the colour I wanted. Jessika uses a method called Micro blading, where a small blade is used the scratch the skin and deposit the pigment into the skin.

Im not sure if it was mind over matter or if I had not applied the numbing cream early enough as I did find it quite uncomfortable. Jessika did apply a further numbing cream which did help.

The initial application took about an hour and immediately I was blown away the finished brows were incredible. I was sent on my way with a list of do’s and do nots and some banging new brows.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup -

                                                Brows immediately after first treatment

I applied some antiseptic cream morning and nightly for ten days. They did scab slightly but not enough that I couldn’t go about my normal day.

The initial colour did fade quite a bit, a follow up appointment is needed at the three week mark to fill in any gaps or sparse areas.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup -

Brows before the 3 week touch up

Prior to my second appointment instead of driving with the numbing cream on I traveled to Brisbane and hung out with our daughter while letting the numbing cream do its thing. I left it on for 2 1/2 hours this time and it made a huge difference. I didn’t have any discomfort at all.

Jessika and I discussed how I was feeling about the shape and colour of my brows, we decided to go slightly darker this time.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup -

                                                            The finished product

The initial treatment cost $450 and the follow up appointment was $150. They will last between 1-3 years with a top up application needed in twelve months.

my brow tattoo experience - madame rouge

My verdict = amazing I wish I had done it sooner. xD