My eyebrow tattooing experience

My eyebrow tattooing experience

my brow tattoo experience - madame rouge makeup -

If you like me, would love to go back to the 90’s and shake the hell out of your younger self and permanently remove tweezers from your hands, this post about my eyebrow tattooing experience will be a god sent.

I have been trying ( and failing ) to out grow my brows for years. The only hair that tends to grow is in the areas i don’t want or need it.

my sad brows

                                                                        My sad brows

 I had been contemplating tattooing my brows for a couple of years and had been stalking a couple of artists to make sure I loved all the work they did.

I found Cosmetic Tattooing b Jessika on Facebook. Her work was amazing so I made and appointment. Unlike other artists of a similar standard Jessika didn’t have a huge wait list so I didn’t have to long to wait.

On the day of my initial appointment I, as instructed applied a numbing cream approximately one and a half hours before my appointment. As I live almost 2 hours north of the clinic I applied the cream when i stopped for coffee and drove to the appointment. I wouldn’t recommend this at all. I had glad wrap covering the cream but it still melted and kept running into my eyes.

Once at the clinic Jessika and I discussed the shape and the colour I wanted. Jessika uses a method called Micro blading, where a small blade is used the scratch the skin and deposit the pigment into the skin.

Im not sure if it was mind over matter or if I had not applied the numbing cream early enough as I did find it quite uncomfortable. Jessika did apply a further numbing cream which did help.

The initial application took about an hour and immediately I was blown away the finished brows were incredible. I was sent on my way with a list of do’s and do nots and some banging new brows.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup -

                                                Brows immediately after first treatment

I applied some antiseptic cream morning and nightly for ten days. They did scab slightly but not enough that I couldn’t go about my normal day.

The initial colour did fade quite a bit, a follow up appointment is needed at the three week mark to fill in any gaps or sparse areas.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup -

Brows before the 3 week touch up

Prior to my second appointment instead of driving with the numbing cream on I traveled to Brisbane and hung out with our daughter while letting the numbing cream do its thing. I left it on for 2 1/2 hours this time and it made a huge difference. I didn’t have any discomfort at all.

Jessika and I discussed how I was feeling about the shape and colour of my brows, we decided to go slightly darker this time.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup -

                                                            The finished product

The initial treatment cost $450 and the follow up appointment was $150. They will last between 1-3 years with a top up application needed in twelve months.

my brow tattoo experience - madame rouge

My verdict = amazing I wish I had done it sooner. xD


Face of the day ( if you even remember my face)

Face of the day ( if you even remember my face)

First of all if you are reading this thank you for sticking with me I know its been an eternity since I have posted. Things have been crazy busy here at Madame Rouge headquarters. I have opened a beautiful studio in my town, and we are in the middle of creating our own range of cosmetics. We have a new website underway, that will replace this blog and incorporate my professional work info ect and a shop. So on to todays face of the day. I applied my makeup at about 10am this morning and took a quick photo with my web cam.

I didn’t have my camera at the studio and got home much later than expected so the photos I got were after the sun had gone down so we had to use the flash and under fluro lighting so, there not the best.

this one was taken at about 6.30pm

The face products I used were;

  • Face Atelier pro foundation in numbers 1 & 7 mixed together
  • MAC pro long wear concealer in NW15
  • I contoured with my fav Hoola by Benefit
  • I applied MAC’s soft and gentle as a highlighter along the tops of my cheekbone, along my nose and cupids bow.
  • The blush I went with was MAC sheer tone shimmer blush in flirt and tease.
eye detail
For my eyes;
  • I defined my brows with Makeup For Ever’s Aqua brow in number 25
  • I applied Inglot shadows in pearl 399 and pearl 446 on my lids I applied the lighter pink colour all over the mobile lid and then the darker purple one the inner and outer third of my lid and blended it through the crease.
  • I used the purple as an eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line.
  • Finished up with some covergirl lashblast 24hr mascara.
On my lips I was trying a new product today Australis Velourlips in ma-li-boo its a crazy bright pink. I have used other colours in the range before and this one performs just the same super long staying power, although towards the end of the day my lips did get a bit dry and i felt it could do with a bit of gloss.
I hope you have enjoyed my post if you have any questions please ask away.
Talk soon D