My eyebrow tattooing experience

My eyebrow tattooing experience

my brow tattoo experience - madame rouge makeup -

If you like me, would love to go back to the 90’s and shake the hell out of your younger self and permanently remove tweezers from your hands, this post about my eyebrow tattooing experience will be a god sent.

I have been trying ( and failing ) to out grow my brows for years. The only hair that tends to grow is in the areas i don’t want or need it.

my sad brows

                                                                        My sad brows

 I had been contemplating tattooing my brows for a couple of years and had been stalking a couple of artists to make sure I loved all the work they did.

I found Cosmetic Tattooing b Jessika on Facebook. Her work was amazing so I made and appointment. Unlike other artists of a similar standard Jessika didn’t have a huge wait list so I didn’t have to long to wait.

On the day of my initial appointment I, as instructed applied a numbing cream approximately one and a half hours before my appointment. As I live almost 2 hours north of the clinic I applied the cream when i stopped for coffee and drove to the appointment. I wouldn’t recommend this at all. I had glad wrap covering the cream but it still melted and kept running into my eyes.

Once at the clinic Jessika and I discussed the shape and the colour I wanted. Jessika uses a method called Micro blading, where a small blade is used the scratch the skin and deposit the pigment into the skin.

Im not sure if it was mind over matter or if I had not applied the numbing cream early enough as I did find it quite uncomfortable. Jessika did apply a further numbing cream which did help.

The initial application took about an hour and immediately I was blown away the finished brows were incredible. I was sent on my way with a list of do’s and do nots and some banging new brows.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup -

                                                Brows immediately after first treatment

I applied some antiseptic cream morning and nightly for ten days. They did scab slightly but not enough that I couldn’t go about my normal day.

The initial colour did fade quite a bit, a follow up appointment is needed at the three week mark to fill in any gaps or sparse areas.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup -

Brows before the 3 week touch up

Prior to my second appointment instead of driving with the numbing cream on I traveled to Brisbane and hung out with our daughter while letting the numbing cream do its thing. I left it on for 2 1/2 hours this time and it made a huge difference. I didn’t have any discomfort at all.

Jessika and I discussed how I was feeling about the shape and colour of my brows, we decided to go slightly darker this time.

brow tattoo - madame rouge makeup -

                                                            The finished product

The initial treatment cost $450 and the follow up appointment was $150. They will last between 1-3 years with a top up application needed in twelve months.

my brow tattoo experience - madame rouge

My verdict = amazing I wish I had done it sooner. xD


Splurge v’s steal – foundation

Splurge v’s steal – foundation

Today on the blog I compare two foundations. One is what is commonly referred to as a “drug store” product, readily available at most chemist/priceline stores for under $25.The other is a top of the line luxurious foundation available at a high-end counter in david jones for almost $100. A real spluge v;s steal foundation.

splurge v's steal foundation -

 I had read some reviews online stating that these two products although massive price points apart, perform so similarly that they could be referred to as “dupes”. Who dosn’t love a steal v’s a splurge at times.

 So I decided to try it for myself. I had wanted to try the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation for quite sometime, but I was reluctant to pay $98 for a foundation. On a whim one day in the city, I decided to treat myself.

 The l’oreal nude magique on the other hand, I found harder to purchase. I fear I have become a foundation snob. It has been years and years since I have worn a drug store foundation. But under the internets promise of high end results I bit the bullet.

Georgio Armani Luminous silk foundation dupe - madame rouge makeup -

At first glance the only major difference I could find was the texture of the foundations, the l’oreal one was quite a bit runnier than the Armani.

I have the shade 5 in the Armani one and 120 in the l’oreal.

 I have to say that the results are quite similar, I did find slightly more coverage with the Armani foundation, but this was achievable by building the coverage of the l’oreal.

Amarni luminous silk foundation dupe - madame rouge makeup -

armani – l’oreal

Verdict- If your budget allows, I say go for the Armani, there is something luxurious about using such an expensive foundation. But I also have to say the L’oreal is a great foundation and achieves an almost undetectable result.

Battle of the makeup sponge

Battle of the makeup sponge

Battle of the makeup sponge

My preferred method of applying foundation is to use a makeup sponge and “bounce” the foundation onto the face. So welcome to my battle of the makeup sponge.

makeup sponge comparison -

I have used the Beauty blender for years, I love the finish it gives, but the cost and accessibility put me of.

I had heard some great things about the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge.

I had come across a similar makeup sponge at a cheap cosmetic store, so I decided to put all three to the test.

Battle of the makeup sponges

                  left to right – beauty blender – cheap makeup store sponge – real techniques


All three sponges are a similar size, but they all feel different. The Beauty blender and the real techniques are quite similar in feel, they are both soft and you can see the structure of the sponge when wet. The Cheap cosmetic store sponge is very dense and very firm to the touch, you can not see the structure of the sponge when wet.

I have taken some pictures of each sponge, while damp using the same amount of pressure to demonstrate how dense each is.

battle of the makeup sponge - madame rouge makeup -

Beauty blender

Battle of the makeup sponge - madamerougemakeup-

Cheap cosmetic store

battle of the makeup sponge - madame rouge makeup -

Real Techniques

As you can see the cheap cosmetic sponge is much denser than the beauty blender and the real techniques sponges.

I found using the beauty blender and the real techniques sponge both very comfortable and found the results fantastic. When attempting to use the denser, cheap store sponge it was so dense it was uncomfortable to “bounce” on the skin and the finish was no where near as nice as it was with the other two sponges.

I have “bounced” some foundation onto some paper to show you how the structure of the sponge disperses the foundation on the skin.

Battle of the makeup sponge - madame rouge makeup -

left to right
                                        Beauty blender – cheap store-Real techniques

As you can see the real techniques sponge and the beauty blender have a very similar application, where as the cheap store sponge is so dense it just forces the product onto the skin.

makeup sponge comparison -

My pick of the three is the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge, at half the price of the beauty blender with very similar results it was a clear winner for me.

How do you prefer to apply your foundation? xD






If you could only own 15 makeup products what would they be?

If you could only own 15 makeup products what would they be?

There has been lots of these type of posts,” if there was a makeup apocalypse and you had to start your collection again what would you replace first”/ “if you could only own 15 makeup items what would they be”.

Fun right?

So lets pretend that all of my makeup has disappeared and I can only replace 15 items, what would be my most needed/wanted products.

must own makeup products

1- Moisturizer/Primer, I’m not sure if skin care is a different kettle of fish, but I’m assuming it is. So if I have a moisturizer I would purchase a primer at the moment I’m loving the Hourglass mineral veil primer.

2- Foundation, I couldn’t live with out a good foundation. My favourite is the Face Atelier ultra foundation.

3- Brow gel would be high on my list I love the MUFE aqua brow it is so easy to work with and water proof, that’s a big win in my book.

4- Eyeliner specifically a gel liner is essential for me, I use the Inglot get liner almost everyday.

5- Mascara is a must if I have foundation and some mascara on I feel ready to tackle the day ahead. My most used mascara at the moment is eye of horous.

6- Concealer plays a huge role in combating the major dark circles my eyes sport after more than a decade of broken sleep. I couldn’t get by with out the Eve Pearl salmon concealer.

7- Setting powder/powder foundation. To help set my concealer and matte down my t zone I sometimes use a loose powder at the moment I love the Models prefer mineral powder foundation.

8- Blush if I could only have one blush in my collection it would be Nars orgasm it is the perfect colour with a beautiful sheen.

9- Contour would have to be on the list my go to is Nars Laguna bronzer it is a great shade for most skin tones.

10- Highlighter would be next I love Mac strobe cream either on its own or mixed into my foundation

11- Highlighter again I also love Macs minieralized skin finish in soft and gentle it is such a beautiful product I couldn’t live without it.

12- Eye shadows, I would add the viseart sultry nudes pallet to my collection

13- Lipstick I wear our Madame rouge makeup comfort wear lipstick in Bella, it is soft and creamy to wear all day.

14- Pressed powder to keep in my handbag for touch ups while out and about. I love Macs studio fix powder.

15- A good brush set is essential I would purchase the zoeva rose gold brush set.

If you had to start a fresh what would be on your list? XD

Brisbane pro makeup and beauty show

Brisbane pro makeup and beauty show

This year marked the 2nd annual Pro makeup and beauty show held in Brisbane. Once again Jodie and her team have delivered an outstanding event, full of top of the line exhibitors and invaluable education.

pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

pro makeup and beauty show brisbane

I started planning my shopping list and which demos I wanted to see early on.  I have found with all trade shows it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and miss out on the things you wanted to see.

It is really easy to get blinded by the bright lights and shiny packaging and buy all the things. This is when having a list and a budget in mind really helps.

 I was working Saturday morning, so I wouldn’t get the show until after lunch. Top of my list were the visart eye shadow pallets and the Maq Pro corrector and lip pallets from makeup and glow.

pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

Visart eye shadow pallets and Maq pro creme pallets

They are so coveted I knew they would fly of the shelves, so I asked a friend of mine who was going to be there first thing Saturday morning to pick them up for me. I got the visart pallets in 01 basic, 04 dark mattes, 05 sultry muse and 06 paris nude.

When I arrived at the show on saturday afternoon I did a lap of all the exhibitors, made a few impulse purchases such as the eco sponges that fascinated me.

I headed to the main stage to see Joel Richy share his take on highlighting and contouring.

Followed by the very knowledgeable Dale Dorning who shared his must haves with the audience including some of his own Proof cosmetics.

Dale Dorning pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

Dale Dorning working his magic

Zoe Tranter from Makeup and Glow gave a detailed insight into airbrushing.

pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

I had a large list of Inglot products I wanted, and at other trade shows it has been a nightmare to get to the counter and then have your order filled, so I grabbed an order form to take back to the hotel to fill out. I dropped it off to the great staff at the Inglot stand sunday morning and picked it up later in the day, it was so much easier.

Inglot -pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

Sunday at the brisbane pro makeup and beauty show also delivered some incredible demonstrations on the main stage. I had the opportunity to see James Vincent present his signature style. He is not only so very talented, but so funny he had me in stitches.

James Vincent -pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

The remainder of the day I spent helping out the incredible team from Makeup and Glow, as my kit is made up of majority of their products, I used my knowledge and hands on experience to help shoppers find their way. As the day progressed I started adding more and more products from makeup and glow to my shopping bag, it is so nice to have the opportunity to touch and see the products.

The thing I love the most about the show is getting to catch up with industry peers. As most of us work for our selves we don’t have the same work/employee relationships that others get from there work places. We make strong connections online via groups and forums, so it is such a great opportunity to get together.

I managed to get all the items I had on my shopping list, picked up so many insider hints and tricks and had a fantastic time catching up with colleges and friends. I want to send a massive congratulations and thank you to Jodie and all the brisbane pro makeup and beauty show team for, once again pulling together an incredible event.

pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

12 products that should be in your makeup bag

12 products that should be in your makeup bag

I don’t know many women who don’t either have so much makeup they don’t know with, or don’t have enough because they don’t know where to start. I have compiled a list of 12  product that should be in your makeup bag.

1-  Full coverage foundation

Full coverage foundation - must own makeup products - madame rouge makeup -

Full coverage foundation – Easy to sheer out with a damp sponge, yet enough coverage to conceal most imperfections

2 – BB cream

BB cream - must own makeup products - madame rouge makeup -

For days when you don’t want to fuss with makeup, adds a health glow to the skin along with some sun protection

3 – Concealer 

a peach/salmon tone concealer - must own makeup products - madame rouge makeup-

A product with a peach/salmon tone will work best to correct bags/discolouration under the eyes. For blemishes use a product the same colour as your skin/foundation. Using something lighter will only highlight imperfections, not disguise them.

4 – Powder

Loose or pressed powder - must own makeup products - Madame rouge makeup -

Either loose or pressed. Using a powder puff and press the powder into the school will give a better result than trying to buff over the top of foundation with a brush.

5 – Eyeliner 

eye liner - must own makeup products - madame rouge makeup -

I prefer a gel as I find it most versatile and easy to use. Liner can be worn as a bold line around the eye or smudged out to create a smokey look.

6 – Mascara 

Mascara - must own makeup products - madame rouge makeup -

Mascara can become thick and clumpy over time. If yours is clumping time to replace it. To coat each lash starting at the root to the ends zig zag the brush all the way up.

7 – Highlighter 

Highlighter - must own makeup products - madame rouge makeup -

A slight shimmery highlighter has a few uses, it can be mixed into foundation to achieve a dewy look. It can lift the brows and slim down the nose. Nude, pink or peach are the most wearable shades.

8 – Neutral eye shadow palette 

Neutral eye shadows - must own makeup products -madame rouge makeup -

The most versatile colours are just a few safes darker than your own skin tone, such as plums and light browns for olive skin tones. Taupes and golden tones work well for medium skin. Light Peach and golds are beautiful on fair skin.

9 –  Bronzer

A matte bronzer- must own makeup products - madame rouge makeup -

A matte bronzer can add a golden kiss to the skin, also adding dimensions and contours to the face. Steer clear of products with any shimmer in them as this will highlight areas rather than contour them.

10 – Brow definers 

Brow definers - must own makeup products- must own makeup products - madame rouge makeup -

Pencil,powders or a gel/cream product used to define the brows and fill in any gaps. Defining your brows can make such a difference to your overall look. Try using an angled liner brush to fill in brows. If you only add on of these products that should be in your makeup bag, this is it.

11 – Lipstick & gloss 

Lipstick and gloss - must own makeup products - madame rouge makeup -

A wearable everyday shade such as a nude/pink is perfect for versatility. A bolder shade for evenings and special occasions such as a kick ass red will have you sorted.                                                                          

12 – Brushes 

Makeup brushes - must own makeup products - madame rouge makeup -

The right tools can make all the difference. Investing in good tools and maintaining them will change the way your makeup looks.

I hope you found this list helpful, are there any products that I didn’t list that you can’t live with out?

Stay tuned for my top skin and hair care products and all the tools you need in your makeup arsenal.