My makeup essentials

My makeup essentials

As some of you know we have recently moved house, I knew there would be at least a couple of weeks of living either out of a suitcase or mid packing or unpacking. So I had to plan what minimum amount of makeup I would keep with me to use until we were settled at the new house. So here is my makeup essentials.

my makeup essentials - madame rouge makeup-

I already have a selection of products that I tend to reach for on a daily basis, so I packed them and added in a few extras so I knew I could mix it up a little if needed.

The selection has worked so well that I haven’t been in a huge rush to unpack all my other products. so without further ado here is what I have packed.

1 –  Sukin Rose hip oil available here I love this product, with the change of weather my already dry skin is like a desert. This skin oil has been a god sent.

2 – Avene hydrance aqua cream in gel* available here I couldn’t live without this moisturiser, it has made such a difference to my skin. It is so nourishing without being to heavy or upsetting my sensitive skin

3- Estee Lauder double wear foundation – available here I love this for its crazy long wear properties and it covers everything.

4- Essence all I need concealer palette* available here I a doe this colour corrector and concealer palette, the green is perfect to correct my redness and the peach tone works wonders on my under eyes.

5- Dermalogica redness relief primer I have mentioned this before and I still love it.

6- Maybelline dream cushion foundation available here if you are looking for a fast but effective foundation routine this is the product for you. I apply this with the diamond real techniques sponge and the base is the perfect fir for this foundation cushion.

6- Real techniques diamond miracle sponge* available here. I love this new sponge, not only is it so beautiful, but it is also really efficient. I can cover my face so fast using it and like the original sponge it gives such a beautiful finish.

7- Hourglass ambient lighting powder in Dim light available here what i really like about these ambient light powders is that they don’t make the skin really matte and dull they leave a beautiful glow on the skin.

8- Too Faced sweet peach highlighter palette available here this palette was perfect because it has multiple uses. I love all the colours for a highlight and blush.

my makeup essentials - madame rouge makeup -

9- Ulta3 all about eyes pallets in nudes and roses* available here I wanted to have a variety of colours without having to pack hundreds of eye shadows, so these two had more than enough choices for me to mix up my looks.

10- Nude by nature contour palette available here I am quite pale so some bronzers are way to dark or to warm for my skin tone, but this set has a beautiful cool count our colour that I adore. I also love the highlight colour.

11- Smashbox full exposure long wear mascara available here mascaras with big fluffy brushes are my favourite and this one I had in a smaller size so it was perfect to pop in my bag.

12- 1000 hour eyebrow mascara in black/dark brown* available here I have used brow mascaras before and never really found them any good, but this one is incredible. I actually went to an event today with just this run through my brows. I usually have to fill my brows in quite a lot.

13- Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade available here  usually i apply this to fill in my sparse brows then brush through the 1000 hour brow mascara the combo is awesome.

14- Platinum beauty makeup brushes* available at Woolworths supermarkets. I love these they are such beautiful quality and I love the finish I achieve with them. The compact brush holder they come with made them perfect to travel with.

15- Maybelline age rewind concealer available here I had heard a lot of good buzz about this product online so I grabbed it during the priceline makeup sale and I really like it t is nice and emollient and i don’t find it cakes under my eyes.

16- Wotnot facial wipes for normal/sensitive skin* available here I find some makeup remover wipes can sting my sensitive skin mostly over my cheeks, so I had stopped using them until I was lucky enough to be sent these guys. They are really effective at removing all traces of makeup but they don’t upset my skin at all. They are really comfortable to use and leave my skin feeling beautiful.

17 – a couple of random makeup brushes

So thats it, it seems like a huge list but its really not. It all fitted in a small makeup bag that was easy to cart about. The only other products i haven’t listed were some of my skincare and haircare products. If yo would like me to cover those let me know.

I hope you enjoyed my makeup essentials, what are your daily or travel makeup essentials? x D

all products marked with a * indicate products sent for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own 

LipSense liquid lipstick review

LipSense liquid lipstick review

If like me you had heard of lipSense before, knew it was a long lasting lipstick but not much else this post will tell you all you need to know about LipSense liquid lipstick.

When the lovely Nicole from Pucker up with Nicole asked if I would like to try the LIpSence products I was intrigued. I had heard of them, I knew they were a long wear lip product but not much more.

LipSense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup -

LipSense liquid lipstick is a two part application, the colour and then a gloss over the top to seal and moisturise.

Nicole provided me with really clear and quite precise directions for getting the best result from the product.

Step 1

Clean and dry your lips, paying special attention to the water line of the lips. Nicole said she found wiping her lips with a dry towel worked well.

Step 2

Shake shake shake your lipSense for best results shake for aprox 20 seconds.

Step 3

Apply three thin layers of colour allowing each layer to dry in-between. Making sure to apply colour in one direction swiping back and forth works similarly to a whiteboard marker and will remove the previous colour. You will feel a tingle when applying the colour due to the alcohol in the product to kill of any germs that may get introduced into the tube (more on this later) Avoid touching your lips together until you have applied the gloss.

Step 4

Apply a nice layer of the moisturising gloss all over the lips, this will stop the tingle and add lots of nourishment to the lips. Reapplying the gloss a few times during the day will help the longevity of the product.

Just after application (8am)

LipSense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup -

Nicole said that I could expect between 4 to 18 hours wear out of the LipSense liquid lipstick, more wear with more continual use.

The pack also came with a ooops remover for little mistakes while applying the colour, you can also use this to remove the product at the end of the day but, I was advised that a wet face washer used in a circular motion either in the shower or at the sink will do a great job of removing the colour.

Left – 8am Right 9pm

lipsense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup -

lipsense liquid lipstick - madame rouge makeup -







My verdict

There is certainly a real method and ritual to applying the LipSense liquid lipstick I did find it a bit tedious and had to really focus on getting all the steps right, but I’m sure with regular use this would become lie riding a bike. The “tingle” I was told about I found to be a major understatement. I found it stung my lips, it was uncomfortable but not unbearable. It did stop as soon as I applied the gloss though.

The first time I wore it I found i had worn of the colour in the centre of both lips after about 4 hours and dinner at such train. The second time I wore it it lasted far longer, I applied it at 8am and it was still almost perfect when i was getting ready for bed. So I can’t argue with the staying power at all. From the start I wasn’t sure I would like ow shiny the finished look is. Im not sure if that is just because I am so used to matte long wear lip products or just personal preference, but I’m still not a huge fan of the high gloss look.

Nicole is super helpful and if you would like any further information or to buy any of the products,she has an incredible array of colours to choose from. Make sure you had over to her Facebook page here and she would be happy to help you. She has also offered a free gift with purchase to me readers during april using the codeword – Madame Rouge

Have you used LIpSense before? Do you have a favourite colour? XD



How to achieve winged eyeliner

How to achieve winged eyeliner

If you have tried to perfect winged eyeliner without much success, hopefully this post will give you some pointers on how to achieve winged eyeliner.

how to winged eyeliner- madame rouge makeup -

I have done a step by step of two methods that I find helpful to achieving a winged liner, a three step freehand method and a sticky tape method.

I find the best products to use for this is either a felt-tip pen liner or a gel liner and an angled brush. For this tutorial I have used the Essence super fine eyeliner pen it is the perfect fine tip, and even application tool.

essence eyeliner pen - winged eyeliner -

Freehand method

Your first step is to apply a thin even line starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner .Holding the pen with the nib pointing towards the centre of the face.

how to achieve winged eyeliner - madame rouge makeup -

your second step is to create a line from the outer end of the eye at the line you have already created, towards the end of the brow. I find having the tip of the pen pouting towards the eyebrow and dragging down works best here as you can create a finer start to the line to create the perfect flick.

How to achieve winged eyeliner - madame rouge makeup -

The nest step is to connect the “flick” to the thin line you applied in step one. starting a millimetre or so from the top of the flick with the tip pointing upward drag the pen down towards the bottom liner about 5 to 10 millimetre from the end blending into the bottom liner. If you have made your wing larger than this one you can sometime end up with a small triangle that you can just fill in, but as my flick is quite  thick at the bottom I didn’t this time.

how to achieve winged liner - madame rouge makeup -

If after this step you feel the top of your flick is to thick as I did you can go back in carefully and with a light touch using the fine tip of the pen extend the flick slightly. If you have made any slips or mistakes you can either use a cotton bud with some makeup remover to clean it up or a brush with a small amount of concealer.

how to achieve winged eyeliner - madame rouge makeup -

Tape method

If you don’t feel your hand is steady enough or just want a super crisp line this method may be for you. cut a small section of stick tape and put it on the back of your hand and remove it once or twice to remove some of the sticking power before applying it to your delicate skin surrounding your eye. You want to place the tape close to the eye under your bottom lashes angled towards the end of your brow.

how to achieve winged eyeliner - madame rouge makeup -

With this method you can either do like the fist method and draw a thin line all the way along first and stop at the bottom of the tape,and then do similar as above and start about 1 cm from the end and drag up towards the end of the brow and over the tape. Or you can start at the inner corner of the eye with the tip pointing towards the nose and drag the pen along the eye line towards the tape gradually increasing the width of the line until you reach the tape.

how to achieve winged eyeliner - madame rouge makeup -

If at this stage you don’t feel your wing is long enough you can draw in the opposite direction staring with the tip on the tape at the hight you want and drab back towards the bottom line. You can make your wing and liner as think or thin as you would like.

how to achieve winged eyeliner - madame rouge makeup -

how to achieve winged eyeliner - madame rouge makeup -

I hope you have found this helpful if you would like me to clarify anything or would like to ask any question please let me know x D


How to cover redness – a step by step guide

How to cover redness – a step by step guide

If you suffer from rosacea or any form of facial redness. I am sure you have tried to figure out how to cover redness at some stage. I have quite sever rosacea from some medication and I also have a lot of broken capillaries on my cheeks from when I received radiation treatment. I have tried so many techniques to cover it, this is the best method I have found.

How to cover redness - madame rouge makeup -

I have been putting of any tutorials or post that would involve me having to put my face on the blog, because the medication that I mentioned that causes the rosacea also causes a lot of facial swelling commonly termed “moon face”. I hate the way it makes me look, but have decided to try and move past it and do what I love regardless.

Bare faced

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup -

So here it is my bare face with all the redness, it tends to effect my cheeks and chin mainly. But can at times cover most of my face. I find a multi prong attack works best.

After I have applied my skincare products I start with a primer specifically designed to combat redness. My favourite is the Dermalogica redness relief primer.

After applying primer

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup -

It is a fantastic primer i love the way my foundation applies after using it and it does a fantastic job of neutralising the redness. I sometimes just wear it without makeup.

how to cover redness - dermalogica redness releif primer -

I then apply a green colour corrector to the red areas, I have been loving this NYX corrector paler lately. I use the green to correct redness, the peach colour to correct blue under eye bags and the beige to cover spots, and the dark brown to contour.

NYX colour corrector pallet - how to cover redness -

You could either use your fingers to dab the corrector onto the red areas or a damp makeup sponge. I find as i have such large areas to correct a sponge works better for me.

Applying the green colour corrector

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup

I then apply what ever foundation I want to wear. After a chat to the lovely Belinda at my local priceline discussing facial redness she suggested this Loreal nude magique CC cream. It is a colour correcting CC cream specifically aimed at combating redness. It actually come out of the tube green and when rubbed between your fingers changes colour.

How to cover redness - madame rouge makeup - www/

So I applied the CC cream with my fingers and hands patting and pressing the product onto my skin. I think the end colour is slightly to dark for me but not overly so, apparently they have changed the formula the end colour used to be much darker.

The final product

how to cover redness - madame rouge makeup -

The coverage is light to medium but does a great job at covering any left over redness and makes the skin even. So this is the finished product before I applied my other makeup. What do you think? Do you suffer from redness? If you give this method a try let me know how you go. xD

The Doll connection Brisbane event

The Doll connection Brisbane event

The Doll Connection event

the doll connection - brisbane beauty blogger  -

I had heard of The Doll Connection and the events they hold and thought maybe an event like this would be just what I needed to get my mojo back.

Mid last year I got into a bit of a blog/content rut and was really struggling to create great photos and content for my blog and instagram.

So when they announced the next event I was quick to jump in.

The Panel discussion

The event was held at the Brunswick hotel in new farm. The event was a mix of meeting some new fabulous people and discovering new brands and products, to panel discussions that were funny and also informative.

Stunning garnish with 24k chocolates

Stunning garnish with 24k chocolates

Guest speakers

Apart from the guest speakers (Amber Lowther,Kodi Brown,Tho Gardner) I also met some incredible bloggers and had lots of fun chatting and comparing notes.


I was lucky enough to get my nails bedazzled by the team from Mermaid Julisa who were sharing there stunning polishes with us.

Mermaid Julisa Polishes

I also really enjoyed playing with the Racinne skincare products, and was lucky enough to come home with some to trial along with lots of other goodies.

Racinne skincare

My other firm favourite products from the event were the Teza drink iced tea. We all received on at the event and I was lucky enough to win a prize pack to take home, the only problem was keeping the kids hands of them.

Teza drink iced tea

The event was lots of fun and really informative. I look forward to sharing all the new products I received with you so keep an eye open on the blog. Have you attended a blog event like this one before? xD


spring trends 2016

spring trends 2016

Spring Trends 2016

The team at Beautifinda asked me to share the current spring trends with their readers. You can head over and see the article on their site here, or read below.

The “no makeup” makeup trend seems to be over. It’s all about bold lips and eye looks that pack a punch.

Candy apple red lips are one of the hot looks for the season from high glossy lip to a beautiful sheer stain. My picks to achieve this look is Mac’s ruby woo for a matte finish or face of Australia divine shine lip lacquer in cosmic rush.

spring makeup trends -

Bright pops of electric blue are gracing catwalks everywhere at the moment. You don’t have to don circa 80’s blue eye shadow to achieve this trend. Think bold eyeliner or coloured mascara. Try Too Faced sketch marker in steep blue.

spring nail trends- madame rouge makeup-

             Too Faced liner in steep blue

Say goodbye to matte heavily contoured skin. Non-touring is all the rage for spring. Think soft glowing skin, try mixing a liquid bronzer with a brown cream for a natural tan gleam, like Nars liquid laguna bronzer.

spring nail trends- madame rouge makeup-

Nars laguna bronzer

Pops of peach and pinks are so hot for spring and so easy to achieve. If you don’t own a peach eye shadow try using a blush on the lids to achieve this look. Loreal’s blush sculpt trio in 102 nude is perfect for adding peach tones to the eye and the cheeks this spring.


spring nail trends- madame rouge makeup-

Hair this season seems to be all about keeping your hair up off the face. Big messy buns are so hot right now and I couldn’t be happier. For a more elegant look try a sleek modern ponytail or a beautiful braid.

spring hair trends- madame rouge makeup -

photo via The beauty department

This spring has seen the revival of nail art. Intricate works of art are finding there way onto nails everywhere, either as a feature nail or the full set.

spring nail trends- madame rouge makeup-

photo via chill beauty bar

I think the take away message from the seasons hot looks is fun. Makeup is about expressing yourself. Don’t take it to seriously, have fun with it.