The Doll connection Brisbane event

The Doll connection Brisbane event

The Doll Connection event

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I had heard of The Doll Connection and the events they hold and thought maybe an event like this would be just what I needed to get my mojo back.

Mid last year I got into a bit of a blog/content rut and was really struggling to create great photos and content for my blog and instagram.

So when they announced the next event I was quick to jump in.

The Panel discussion

The event was held at the Brunswick hotel in new farm. The event was a mix of meeting some new fabulous people and discovering new brands and products, to panel discussions that were funny and also informative.

Stunning garnish with 24k chocolates

Stunning garnish with 24k chocolates

Guest speakers

Apart from the guest speakers (Amber Lowther,Kodi Brown,Tho Gardner) I also met some incredible bloggers and had lots of fun chatting and comparing notes.


I was lucky enough to get my nails bedazzled by the team from Mermaid Julisa who were sharing there stunning polishes with us.

Mermaid Julisa Polishes

I also really enjoyed playing with the Racinne skincare products, and was lucky enough to come home with some to trial along with lots of other goodies.

Racinne skincare

My other firm favourite products from the event were the Teza drink iced tea. We all received on at the event and I was lucky enough to win a prize pack to take home, the only problem was keeping the kids hands of them.

Teza drink iced tea

The event was lots of fun and really informative. I look forward to sharing all the new products I received with you so keep an eye open on the blog. Have you attended a blog event like this one before? xD


Brisbane pro makeup and beauty show

Brisbane pro makeup and beauty show

This year marked the 2nd annual Pro makeup and beauty show held in Brisbane. Once again Jodie and her team have delivered an outstanding event, full of top of the line exhibitors and invaluable education.

pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

pro makeup and beauty show brisbane

I started planning my shopping list and which demos I wanted to see early on.  I have found with all trade shows it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and miss out on the things you wanted to see.

It is really easy to get blinded by the bright lights and shiny packaging and buy all the things. This is when having a list and a budget in mind really helps.

 I was working Saturday morning, so I wouldn’t get the show until after lunch. Top of my list were the visart eye shadow pallets and the Maq Pro corrector and lip pallets from makeup and glow.

pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

Visart eye shadow pallets and Maq pro creme pallets

They are so coveted I knew they would fly of the shelves, so I asked a friend of mine who was going to be there first thing Saturday morning to pick them up for me. I got the visart pallets in 01 basic, 04 dark mattes, 05 sultry muse and 06 paris nude.

When I arrived at the show on saturday afternoon I did a lap of all the exhibitors, made a few impulse purchases such as the eco sponges that fascinated me.

I headed to the main stage to see Joel Richy share his take on highlighting and contouring.

Followed by the very knowledgeable Dale Dorning who shared his must haves with the audience including some of his own Proof cosmetics.

Dale Dorning pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

Dale Dorning working his magic

Zoe Tranter from Makeup and Glow gave a detailed insight into airbrushing.

pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

I had a large list of Inglot products I wanted, and at other trade shows it has been a nightmare to get to the counter and then have your order filled, so I grabbed an order form to take back to the hotel to fill out. I dropped it off to the great staff at the Inglot stand sunday morning and picked it up later in the day, it was so much easier.

Inglot -pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

Sunday at the brisbane pro makeup and beauty show also delivered some incredible demonstrations on the main stage. I had the opportunity to see James Vincent present his signature style. He is not only so very talented, but so funny he had me in stitches.

James Vincent -pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -

The remainder of the day I spent helping out the incredible team from Makeup and Glow, as my kit is made up of majority of their products, I used my knowledge and hands on experience to help shoppers find their way. As the day progressed I started adding more and more products from makeup and glow to my shopping bag, it is so nice to have the opportunity to touch and see the products.

The thing I love the most about the show is getting to catch up with industry peers. As most of us work for our selves we don’t have the same work/employee relationships that others get from there work places. We make strong connections online via groups and forums, so it is such a great opportunity to get together.

I managed to get all the items I had on my shopping list, picked up so many insider hints and tricks and had a fantastic time catching up with colleges and friends. I want to send a massive congratulations and thank you to Jodie and all the brisbane pro makeup and beauty show team for, once again pulling together an incredible event.

pro makeup and beauty show brisbane -madame rouge makeup -